TPG Disable Aids

TPG DisableAids Ltd are a leading supplier of disability aids and mobility equipment for Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Shropshire and Wales.

At TPG DisableAids Ltd we provide our customers with a range of disability aids and mobility solutions such as Scooters, Manual Wheelchairs, Powered Wheelchairs, Daily Living Aids, Hoisting Equipment, Stairlifts Patient Lifting, Bed Care, Bath Lift and much more.

TPG DisableAids carefully choose the products we supply to guarantee high quality and an excellent after sales service.


We have many different types of wheelchair and mobility disability aids to choose from. Our range of Wheelchairs include Manual Wheelchairs - self propelled and attendant propelled, Electric Powered wheelchairs (or Powerchairs,) Sports Wheelchairs and Beach Wheelchairs. The one you need to choose will depend on what your needs are. Please contact us for further information on our full range of disability aids, aswell as for advice on which product would best suit your needs. We supply Wheelchairs throughout the UK.


Disable Aids have a selection of both curved stairlifts and straight lifts available. There are a range of modern and traditional styles to choose from and all stairlifts have maximum comfort as well as easy to use remote controls. It can be hard choosing a stairlift for your home, but TPG have made it easy by selecting the best in fresh and modern designs as well as traditional designs to suit all homes. Before contemplating moving to a flat or bungalow, contact us to see how we can help you to retain your independence in your own home. We supply stairlifts and other disability aids across the UK including the Hereford, Gloucester and Cardiff areas.

Bath Lifts

Bath Lifts are an excellent way to regain full use of your bathroom and be completely independent in bathing once again. If you have difficulty getting in or out of the bath or shower then a Bath Lift from TPG Disable Aids may be a good investment. There are a range of lifts to choose from so please take a look at our selection of Bathlift products and Accessories from the best manufacturers. We supply Bath Lifts throughout the Hereford, Gloucester and Cardiff areas.

If you have any questions regarding our Disability Aids equipment, please contact us on 01432 351666 or E-mail: enquiries@tpg-disableaids.co.uk and the professionally trained staff at TPG DisableAids will be happy to assist.


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